We Survived…

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WHAT…A…WEEKEND!!! Friday night at the Animal House Tour was absolutely insane! The electricity in the atmosphere in Beta was immeasurable. Bro Safari & ETC! ETC! played to packed house (So packed I couldn’t get up front to get snap shots of the DJ’s) and Denver went OFF to every bass filled drop they had to offer. You can see pictures here!

IMG_20131019_172843 DSCN0199 DSCN0292

Also if you missed the Denver Zombie Crawl and After Party we have pictures from both events here. It was quite the experience. Ive never seen full families participate in a Cosplay event this big. Everyone from kids to the elderly were dressed up as zombies, survivors or victims and played each part VERY well. Even Umbrella Corps Denver came out to show off their Resident Evil get up. Sub.Mission Dubstep held down the beats in the Red Bull MXT and then slayed us @ Casselmans later that night with some Basscrooks & Lotus Drops. All in all it was a great weekend and although its now Monday its never to early to start prepping yourself for the weekend. If you need your bass fix sooner than later the one and only SILKIE is playing Larimer Lounge w/ Lotus Drops tomorrow night. Don’t forget we got Pendulum (DJ set) @ Beta on Friday and if you’re in the mountains looking for a bass fix Demon, Coult-45, Caustik & Curlyone are taking over The Tap House in Steamboat Springs on Saturday!! Drink plenty of water, eat your veggies and stretch those legs because I predict that we will once again be sore come Sunday morning :)

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