Global Dub Festival 2015 @ Red Rocks: Excision with Zomboy, Yellow Claw, Ookay, Must Die!, & Said the Sky: May 15

On Friday, May 15th at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Excision, Zomboy, Yellow Claw, Ookay, Must Die!, and Said the Sky performed under Global Dub Festival. I wasn’t able to make it in time to see Must Die! or Said the Sky, so Ookay was up first for me.

I wasn’t a fan of Ookay’s performance at Global Dub Fest, and I was disappointed in Yellow Claw’s set as well. For both of these DJs, I felt as if they played very basic songs and at times, didn’t really have good drops either. It seemed that the high school aged kids around me enjoyed it though, so I felt like their set was intended for this age group. The best part about Yellow Claw’s set though was that he had one of the security guards come onstage and participate in a twerking contest with the gogo dancers.


After they performed, someone came onstage and dramatically announced Zomboy to take the stage. The announcer hyped it up very well, because Zomboy was amazing. I don’t even know how else to describe his set, except that.

IMG_4625 IMG_4647

Zomboy had played some Snails and some well known songs, mixed in with songs from his album ‘The Outbreak’, which came out a few months ago. It was a very well put together set, and he didn’t just “hit play”, as some people criticize DJs for doing. He knew how to mix different sounds in to make each tune sound just right. One thing I found myself thinking was that when Zomboy had his build ups before the drops, I felt 100% confident that his drops would not disappoint. And they didn’t. This is exactly how I felt about Excision as well, who was up next.

Excision performed with Executioner, which is a video and lighting feature that creates 3D images and effects. It reminded me a lot of Datsik’s vortex, if you’ve ever been to a Datsik show. Excision performed within this structure, creating one of the best Dubstep sets I’ve ever experienced.


When he first came on, I noticed people looking at each other, giving a smile, and it seemed like they were silently saying that they made the right choice coming to this show. I couldn’t imagine anyone in that crowd being disappointed because Excision’s performance was so intense and proved himself to be the best pick for the headliner of this show.

My favorite parts of his performance was when he added in Bear Grillz & Datsik’s “Drop That Low” as well as “Fuck That” by Skrillex. And who could forget when he played his own song “Robo Kitty” with a robotic cat played out by the Executioner.


Zomboy and Excision are absolutely amazing in the Dubstep genre, and if you can catch them at a show or music festival, I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.

IMG_4720 IMG_4719

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Adventure Club with Keys N Krates, Minnesota, ETC! ETC!, Dallask, & Vinnie: May 8

On Friday May 8th, Adventure Club headlined at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with special guests Keys N Krates, Minnesota, ETC! ETC!, Dallask, and Vinnie. I went into the show a little late after getting off of work, so I got there in time for Keys N Krates to start their set.

The weather forecast was less than hopeful. It was supposed to be cold and rainy all night. I was bummed out at the thought of that at first, but the rain turned out to be an awesome addition to the production, specifically the lighting.

FullSizeRender (20)

I have seen Keys N Krates perform a few months ago, and their performance at Red Rocks reminded me of just how good they are. The group comprises of 3 different artists. One being a drummer, another a keyboardist, and the third being the DJ. Their sound includes electronic music with a hip-hop influence to it.


That’s something I really like about Keys N Krates. They stand out well and their style of music sets them apart for other electronic artists. One of their most popular songs they played at the show, and my favorite, showcases how versatile they are in the Dubstep genre:

All in all, Keys N Krates was super talented and I highly recommend checking them out.

Adventure Club was on next and their set was one of the best ones I’ve seen. They jumped right in with some heavy Dubstep and told a story through the visuals with their music. The visuals, by the way, were so creative and super intense. I felt as if I was watching different short films or music videos.

IMG_0955                                                 IMG_0957


They also remixed a few notable songs towards the end of their set. I felt that by combining both their original songs plus remixed popular songs, it made everyone in the audience happy.


Overall, the best way I could accurately describe Adventure Club’s performance was that it was super fun and entertaining. I felt carefree and forgot I was even dancing in the pouring rain.

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Funtcase & Cookie Monsta @ Beta Nightclub: May 1

On Friday, May 1st Funtcase and Cookie Monsta performed at Beta Nightclub with a seriously packed crowd.

Cookie Monsta was up first. To me, his sound is what I envision Dubstep to be. When he first started playing his set, I couldn’t help but think how grimy his sound was. His manipulation of the bass sets him apart from other similar Dubstep artists, in my opinion.

FullSizeRender (15)

I noticed too that there was never a lull in his set. The crowd was constantly moving, not having to stand around anticipating for a transition into a new song as I’ve noticed happens with other artists. Also, each track in his set differed from the one before it. I know some people criticize Dubstep songs as all sounding the same, but it is safe to say that that is not the case for Cookie Monsta.

FullSizeRender (13)

My favorite part of his set was when he closed off the night with throwing cookies out into the crowd. My least favorite part was that I wasn’t able to catch one.

Up next was Funtcase, the headliner for the night. To be honest, I personally liked Cookie Monsta’s set better, but I still of course enjoyed Funtcase.

Funtcase’s sound also stood out to me compared to other Dubstep artists in the scene. I thought he had great energy throughout his performance.

FullSizeRender (8)

Funtcase wears a particularly creepy face mask that I think goes well with the sound he produces. His music is grungy and unique in its own way. Having read past interviews, Funtcase’s tracks have a heavy metal influence to them, which has inspired him to transition his way into Dubstep. His set at Beta had other electronic music influences to it, not just Dubstep solely.

Overall, this show was great. I know Funtcase and Cookie Monsta have performed together in the past, and I could definitely see why. Their sounds complement each other well and they both give Dubstep a good name. I just wish they did a B2B set; that would’ve been sick. I know they will both be performing at EDC Las Vegas, so if you’ve already scored your ticket, I highly recommend checking them out.

FullSizeRender (17) FullSizeRender (14)

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Kill the Noise at Beta Nightclub: April 24

Friday night (April 24, 2015), Kill the Noise performed his set at Beta Nightclub.

I’ve heard great things about Kill the Noise preceding the show from people who have seen him before. Listening to his Kill Kill Kill album as well got me hyped up for the show. Here’s a teaser to check out if you haven’t heard any of the songs from that album yet:

To put things in perspective, Kill the Noise is a part of the record label OWSLA, a label founded by Skrillex. Some of the best Dubstep artists are included on there, so it’s safe to assume that Kill the Noise knows his stuff.

What I thought was cool about the Kill the Noise show was that there was fog that was blasted out to the front section. It was so thick that I wasn’t able to see anyone around me, so it was almost like I was there, dancing to the beats by myself. I also thought the visuals for the show were interesting. Usually in any sort of EDM show, you can find some “trippy” stuff going on on the LED screen. However, for this show, not only did he have his logo transitioning into different colors, but he had some live action shots going on, almost like scenes from a movie. It created a unique experience that I hadn’t felt at any other previous Dubstep show.

FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (4)

As for the sound, it was a really great performance, but I was a little disappointed. First of all, his build ups were great. They were really exciting and the crowd loved it, myself included. Even better were his drops. I really feel like he shows off his artistic ability through these. So all of his songs in general were great. The one thing that did disappoint me though were his transitions, or should I say, lack there of. I couldn’t believe how the songs could be great, how it would get built up and then have amazing drops, and then all of a sudden…nothing. Then on to the next song. It was strange and I was surprised that someone so highly regarded both in the Dubstep world and the EDM world didn’t utilize transitions!

Besides this minor mishap, I really enjoyed the show and I still think the guy is really talented. He knows how to manipulate different sounds to his liking, knowing exactly what the crowd wants to hear.

FullSizeRender (3) GogoDancer FullSizeRender (6)


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