Adventure Club with Keys N Krates, Minnesota, ETC! ETC!, Dallask, & Vinnie: May 8

On Friday May 8th, Adventure Club headlined at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with special guests Keys N Krates, Minnesota, ETC! ETC!, Dallask, and Vinnie. I went into the show a little late after getting off of work, so I got there in time for Keys N Krates to start their set.

The weather forecast was less than hopeful. It was supposed to be cold and rainy all night. I was bummed out at the thought of that at first, but the rain turned out to be an awesome addition to the production, specifically the lighting.

FullSizeRender (20)

I have seen Keys N Krates perform a few months ago, and their performance at Red Rocks reminded me of just how good they are. The group comprises of 3 different artists. One being a drummer, another a keyboardist, and the third being the DJ. Their sound includes electronic music with a hip-hop influence to it.


That’s something I really like about Keys N Krates. They stand out well and their style of music sets them apart for other electronic artists. One of their most popular songs they played at the show, and my favorite, showcases how versatile they are in the Dubstep genre:

All in all, Keys N Krates was super talented and I highly recommend checking them out.

Adventure Club was on next and their set was one of the best ones I’ve seen. They jumped right in with some heavy Dubstep and told a story through the visuals with their music. The visuals, by the way, were so creative and super intense. I felt as if I was watching different short films or music videos.

IMG_0955                                                 IMG_0957


They also remixed a few notable songs towards the end of their set. I felt that by combining both their original songs plus remixed popular songs, it made everyone in the audience happy.


Overall, the best way I could accurately describe Adventure Club’s performance was that it was super fun and entertaining. I felt carefree and forgot I was even dancing in the pouring rain.

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