This Is It

So where do I begin? Im sitting here eating somewhat of a dinner and Im wondering what the night holds for me and who I might encounter. The Denver Bass Music scene is thriving hard and fans and artists alike cant wait to get to the show. If you grew up in Denver, have been here a while or this is your first night out on thing is certain. Tonight is gonna be wild!!! Seems to happen anytime Bass Heads get together.

Bass Heads?! Yeah I said it and the term is very real. Stand outside of Beta on a Friday or Cervantes on a Tuesday and you see fans waiting to feel the sub woofer vibrate their chest cavities. You’ll see fans waiting to catch their favorite DJ/Producer ‘s set to relive a memory and make a new one. You’ll see couples that want nothing more than to just dance with each other and forget about the world around them. You’ll see birthday parties, bachelorette parties, men & women, girls & boys, Go-Go Dancers, Live Painters, Lights, Lasers and god knows what else. You’ll see a lot of different thing but what you’ll mainly see is love. Fans with a love so deep for this music its almost insane. some of these people wait patiently all week just to hit that dance floor and rage all that weeks worth of frustration out. Rage it out my friend, rage it out hard.

It would seem that the very beats that we dance to are like the heart beat of this city. Denver is home to many music venues and genres but it would seem that Bass Music hold the title in Denver these days. If you’re a concert veteran you know whats in store for the night and youre gonna have some fun… just dont be that know it all “Ive seen every DJ ever everywhere” guy/girl because we all hate that guy/girl ( You know who you are). If this is you’re first Bass show all we can tell you is this, you’re in for some fun. So what do i predict tonight? I think we’re all gonna have some crazy stories to tell in the morning. Be safe out there kids!

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